Rode in a Devoucoux for the first time today.

It was so nice. The leather was just so lovely. And it had custom purple leather trimming. Purty cool.

Plus the mare I was riding was a little trooper.


Watercolor 2012
© Rachel Dolor 



There’s nothing more satisfying than a good ride.

i hope this never reaches the dashboards of non-equestrians


The Legend Himself
PS 2014
A couple of people tagged me in that ipod shuffle thing. I wanna do it, only I don’t know where my ipod is, as I haven’t used it in months, I pretty much just use Spotify on my phone :/

Sorry guys :/

I will update this later with people I tag, right now I don’t have access to my laptop because Ieft it at college. So…

1. A lot of people used to call me Gnome (because it kinda sounds like Naomi?), but now Louis is pretty much the only person who calls me it. 

2. Hazel.

3. Brown. Kinda red at the ends from when I used to dye it red.

4. I’m a sex-positive feminist. I think a lot of issues surrounding sex and gender are due to how we stigmatise it and make it all seem taboo.

5. I don’t have one really, I like lots of colours. Burgundy, navy and hunter green right now though.

6. I miss my house in France, it was an amazing place to grow up. I’m not attached to anywhere in particular right now. Corny but… My favourite place to be these days is in Louis’ arms, it’s my safe and happy place. 

7. Ehh I don’t follow celebrities much. I like Eddie Izzard. 

8. Horses, cats, dogs. Do not make me choose one.

9. Right now, anything christmassy. I’m feeling the christmas spirit.

10. I loved the Harry Potter series as a kid, I also love John Green’s books, but I love a lot of books so idk. 

Sorry these are terrible answers!

Thank you @thetailllesseventer for tagging me!

Sweetest Emma-Lotta & her beautiful Krizzie ❤️ warming up for today’s team dressage 
#skwadra #älskahästkraft #dressage #instahorse  (på/i Leksands Ridklubb)

Picture I took of naomikhbr and her pony Kevin at Finals last year

Forrest Gumpby carinamaiwald
Westphalian horse

sit up & ride on. (x) (x) (x)