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Oh Zeus, such a handsome old man.

Little ponies are fantastic.

order your own pencil sketch (just like this)!

Miss those bracelets
Starting college today (Enrolment is at 3.30pm) and I’m one follower away from my next thousand… Anyone wanna help send me to college with a new milestone? ;)

Srsly tho I’m crapping myself about it



rootd yas

I have that shirt;)



ahahahah so life is too exciting….
When mum runs away from you: begin to chase her and then get so excited that you can’t contain it. 

I love that as equestrians this doesn’t phase is but if this was a muggle they would flip the fuck out


Forever favourite

Charlotte and Valegro: 92.196% omfg.
Wild Lone is not the only horse to have died at WEG this year. A Costa Rican endurance horse, Dorado, also died after slipping and falling as a result of colliding with a tree at the beginning of the competition.



While my thoughts are with Harry Meade, and all those who knew Wild Lone, I find it very sad that I’ve seen many posts for one horse and yet not a single mention of Dorado. Please spare a thought for Claudia Romero Chacon, his rider, and all those who knew him. Claudia was taken to hospital after the accident, there’s very little information out there about this.

Dorado sustained a head injury and died instantly. 

I agree with this but the tragedy of Dorado doesnt decrease the tragedy of Wild Lone and Vice Versa. There was a lot on Facebook about Dorado and I feel absolutely shattered for his rider and all connected to the horse. Losing a partner is always a tragedy no matter how well known or publicised.

Of course, I think it’s equally sad that they died, it’s a tragedy that any horses have died at WEG at all. I’ve not seen anything about Dorado except for when I was perusing H&H, whereas I’ve seen a lot more posts about Wild Lone. Both brilliant horses, both huge losses to the equestrian world. I was just making a post so people would know about Dorado too.

Anonymous: stopping by to tell you that you have the most best name in the world and you're the only other equestrian named Naomi I've seen 

Aww thank you!

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"Clean tack, clean bit, clean conscience, clean round."
— My trainer (who apparently is a clean freak)